Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Liar by Justine Larbalestier
rating 6/10

Micah will freely admit that she’s a compulsive liar, but that may be the one honest thing she’ll ever tell you. Over the years she’s duped her classmates, her teachers, and even her parents, and she’s always managed to stay one step ahead of her lies. That is, until her boyfriend dies under brutal circumstances and her dishonesty begins to catch up with her. But is it possible to tell the truth when lying comes as naturally as breathing? Taking readers deep into the psyche of a young woman who will say just about anything to convince them—and herself—that she’s finally come clean, Liar is a bone-chilling thriller that will have readers see-sawing between truths and lies right up to the end. Honestly.

*This review contains spoilers!*

I know there is a lot of people who liked this book, but I just didn't get into it. Every time I thought it was starting to get better, it ended up not.

There was so much to this book. I loved the idea of the main character being a pathalogical liar and not being able to trust her. It was something different that I've never read before. As it was, though, it just didn't work for me. The first part of the book was everything I expected, and that's a good thing. But when I got to the middle it just went down hill from there. It wouldn't have been that bad but then werewolves were just thrown in there. When I read this I thought "what the hell, where did that come from?" Then all after this I kept expecting Micah to come out and say she lied about this just like some of the other things. But she didn't. The whole werewolf thing didn't fit and yet it took up more than half the book.

Even though I don't like it,  I think you should try it anyway since it seems to have created some buzz. There are some people who like it.


  1. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. :( I thought it was super awesome.

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