Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Beautiful Between

The Beautiful Between by Alyssa B. Sheinmel
rating 9/10
Release Date: May 11, 2010

If high school were a fairy-tale kingdom, Connelly Sternin would be Rapunzel, locked not in a tower by a wicked witch but in a high-rise apartment building by the SATs and college applications—and by the secrets she keeps. Connelly's few friends think that her parents are divorced—but they're not. Connelly's father died when she was two, and she doesn't know how.

If Connelly is the Rapunzel of her school, Jeremy Cole is the crown prince, son of a great and rich New York City family. So when he sits down next to her at lunch one day, Connelly couldn't be more surprised. But Jeremy has a tragic secret of his own, and Connelly is the only one he can turn to for help. Together they form a council of two, helping each other with their homework and sharing secrets. As the pair's friendship grows, Connelly learns that it's the truth, not the secrets, that one must guard and protect. And that between friends, the truth, however harsh, is also beautiful.

This book is all around beautiful. It's deffinately one of the better books that I've read in a while.

I was sucked in from the first page. The writing was well-formed and wonderful. It was a real emotional read, for sure. Most the book had a heartbreaking, intense tone to it, which only added to the tear-jerking story.

All the characters in this book were very lovable and relatable. I'd have to say my favorite character was Kate. She was so sweet and genial. She's what brings Connelly and Jeremy together, as well as the story.

The Beautiful Between was a truly inspiration story, one that I highly reccomend.

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  1. Oh and I was just browsing over this book- wonderful review, will def read it! :)