Saturday, July 4, 2009

Great Series

I have just finished reading Once Dead Twice Shy. It was really good and the first in the Maddison Avery series. The author of this is Kim Harrison.

Some other series I absolutly love and are must reads are the Wake Trilogy Lisa McMann. I have to say that these books are a probably my favorties right now.

I also love The Summoning and The Awakening, with the last in the trilog coming out next year called The Reckoning. The Author is Kelly Armstong

The Hunger Games is also an amazing book with the sequel, Catching Fire, coming out September 1. These books are by Suzanne Collins.

I also love the Luxe series by Anna Godberson. This is an amazing series. The fourth and final book, Splendor, is coming out October 27.

Another great series is the Evernight series. The first two are out and are called Evernight and stargazer. The third one, Hourglass comes out in March of next year.

All of these series are must-reads

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