Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I've Been Up to Recently (Why I haven't been blogging)

Hey ya'll! As you've probably noticed I haven't posted much these last couple of months. I've been really busy and just haven't been reading much. I've started to get back into reading again and I need to start blogging more again. Anyway I just thought I'd share what exactly has been going on in my life lately and what is going.

  • A week ago, over spring break, I went to New York City. It was tons of fun and I, of course, did a lot of shopping.
  • My Academic Decathlon team won state back in February and we are going to Nationals in Minneapolis, Minnesota, so I've been preparing for this a lot. And, while we are there we are also going to go to Mall of America, which I'm most excited about. More shopping!
  • After months of deciding and stressing, I've chosen the college I'll be attending next year: Baylor University. 
  • My Prom was last night. I of course have been preparing for it for months.
  • I've got AP exams coming up. Oh boy.
  • In a few weeks I'll have my school's Senior Dinner and Casino Night. I'm hoping to win lots of cool stuff for my dorm next year!
  • On May 25, I will be graduating high school!
I'm going to try to get back into blogging. From now on I will try to post at least two times a week (one of which will be a review). Hopefully over the summer it will pick back up again but I can't promise anything. 

I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck around! I really appreciate it! I promise more content is coming


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