Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini Challenge: Teams

Cindy at Princess Bookie is hosting another Contest Craze, and one of the Mini-Challenges is to pick a team for a love triangle. I really only have to do one, but I'll go ahead and list a few.
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 for all you Gilmore Girls Fans:

Team Logan.

I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan, so of course I had to choose from this show.
Out of all of these guys, Dean is my least favorite. He's nice enough and everything, but there's something about him that bothers me. He's just too... Good. I think he's perfect for Rory's first love, but I think if she stayed with him she would have been tied down and not happy.

I actually like Jess. I like his bad-boyness. Plus, I have a major crush on Milo Ventimiglia. In all honesty, though, He's just not right for Rory. At least not when they were in high school. I have a feeling that if they first met on the street when they were all grown up, they would have been perfect for each other. But, as it was, that's not how it worked out.

I love Logan. I love how laid-back he is. He's the perfect counter-part to Rory. Logan stayed by Rory through a lot. I seriously wished she would have married him at the end of the show. I was very dissappointed.

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  1. When it comes to Gilmore Girls I am always and will forever be Team Jess! I really hates Logan...I could explain but it'll take me forever. He just never seemed right, he has a lot of family problems and relashionship problems, and he never 'really' loved Rory and Rory never really loved him. It was just one of 'those' relshionsips. As for Dead...i agree there he's just too nice. I like to think that when Rory went on the campaign trail she caught up with Jess again. It seems like all those years they'd been trying to forget eachother and failing. I wish we would've gotten that ending, but i can't really complain...