Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Starcrossed

Josephine Angelini
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: May 21, 2011

How do you defy destiny?

Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1)Helen Hamilton has spent her entire sixteen years trying to hide how different she is—no easy task on an island as small and sheltered as Nantucket. And it's getting harder. Nightmares of a desperate desert journey have Helen waking parched, only to find her sheets damaged by dirt and dust. At school she's haunted by hallucinations of three women weeping tears of blood . . . and when Helen first crosses paths with Lucas Delos, she has no way of knowing they're destined to play the leading roles in a tragedy the Fates insist on repeating throughout history.

As Helen unlocks the secrets of her ancestry, she realizes that some myths are more than just legend. But even demigod powers might not be enough to defy the forces that are both drawing her and Lucas together—and trying to tear them apart.

I was pleasantly surprised by Starcrossed. I've heard some mixed things about it, but overall I enjoyed it.

Helen was very quiet in the beginning of the story. We can really see how she feels that she doesn't belong with everyone else in her life. She doesn't fit in. She changes a lot over the corse of the book. There were times when she bothered me a tad, but it was very little. By the end of the book, I had grown to like her but felt sorry for her with everything that was going on.

At the beginning of the story Helen and Lucas hated each other, but then later fell in love. I normally don't like that in books, but I was okay with it in this because their hatred for each other was caused by something else, someone else, that they couldn't control. I grew to really like Lucas and his finally.

I love Greek mythology, and that's one of the reasons I was so excited to read this. The mythology aspect could have been slightly better. I was really confused when it started happening. But I still enjoyed it.

Starcrossed is a unique story that I liked. I'm really looking forward to the next one.

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