Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Tension of Opposite by Kristina McBride

The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride
rating 8/10
Release Date: May 25, 2010

It’s been two years since Noelle disappeared. Two years since her bike was discovered, sprawled on a sidewalk. Two years of silence, of worry, of fear.

For those two long years, her best friend Tessa has waited, living her own life in a state of suspended animation. Because how can she allow herself to enjoy a normal high school life if Noelle can’t? How dare she have other friends, go to dances, date boys, without knowing what happened to the girl she thought she would share everything with?

And then one day, someone calls Noelle’s house. She’s alive.

A haunting psychological thriller taken straight from the headlines, The Tension of Opposites is a striking debut that explores the emotional aftermath of a kidnapping on the victim, and on the people she left behind.

The Tension of Opposites was an total emotional roller coaster. While reading this story about the effects of kidnapping on a victim and the effect it has on those around them, you can't help but be pulled in with the characters and what they are going through.

The Tension of Opposites pulls you in from the start. It was very intense. I was drawn in by Tessea's character. She was really sweet and just wanted her friend to be okay. Elle (Noelle) on the other hand, I did not like. If she was just like that after the kidnapping, I would totally understand. But she was mean to Tessa and a horrible friend even before that.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Tension of Opposites. It was a fabulously written book by debut author Kristina McBride.


  1. I've heard that this is an amazing book. I'm glad you liked it - now I've got to read it!

  2. Great timing - I've been looking for reviews of this. It sounds like a good debut, I think I'll get it :)

  3. What a cool design you have on your blog! I'm glad you liked the book, I've been meaning to pick it up, but haven't gotten around to it yet ;)