Friday, July 6, 2012

Awesome Road Trip Books

If you read my blog for any amount of time, it will probably come up that I love road trip books. I love the stories, the places. I know it's a good book when I feel like I'm traveling right along side the characters. 

So, today, I'm sharing some of my favorites. 

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
The book that started it all. Amy and Roger's Epic Detour is my favorite road trip book, and one of my favorites period.
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Saving June
This is a real emotional read filled with amazing characters. 
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Thou Shalt Not Road Trip
I read this one recently and loved it. It's a fun ride and journey. 
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The Secret Life of Prince Charming
This one is really fun. A really good Deb Caletti book. 

There are many more out there, but those are the ones worth mentioning. 
Do you like road trip books, or just traveling books in general? Let me know some of your favorites.  

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  1. I don't think I've read enough road trip books to know if they're for me or not. I've read two John Green books and another by Deb Caletti (Honey, Baby, Sweetheart) and I liked all three. But since I've only really experienced two authors, I couldn't say for sure.

    I do plan on reading more, though, and next time I'm at the library, I'll make an effort to check out the ones from your list—they all look really good.

    Renae @ Respiring Thoughts