Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Memories

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. For more information or to participate visit here.

This week's topic is favorite bookish memories! I have so many good ones to choose from...

  1. The first ARC I received. I didn't actually get it for review but won it from the author. It was The  Body Finder by Kimberly Derting. I also got a bunch of swag along with it (also my first book swag).
  2. The first book I actually received for review. It was O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell. 
  3. My first author signing. I went to the Melissa Marr signing when Radiant Shadows came out. 
  4. Meeting one of my favorite authors. Not long after the Melissa Marr signing, I went to see Kelley Armstrong. I love her so much and was so excited to see her. 
  5. Getting Breaking Dawn at midnight--and staying up all night reading it. At the time I was sooo obsessed with this series. It's the first and only book that I went to get at midnight and it was pretty fun.
  6. Going to all of the midnight premiers of The Twilight Saga. Even though I don't feel the same way about the series anymore, it became tradition to see the movies at midnight. 
  7. Going to the midnight premier of The Hunger Games movie. I just love midnight premiers and I love this series.
  8. When Sarah Strohemeyer commented on my review. Smart Girls Get What They Want is one of my favorite books and the author commented and tweeted about my review--and liked the picture that I drew for her book! My review is here
  9. Going to Colorado Teen Literature conference. It was a lot of fun going to this and I met a lot of awesome people here.
  10. Obsessing over a series (for years). There are very few books that I've had crazy obsessions on. Even though it's a bit, well, obsessive, it's still fun. To read more about my obsessions you can visit this post. 



  1. Awesome memories! Michael Grant has commented on my blog, making me all fan-girly. Thanks for sharing! Here are my memories http://wp.me/pzUn5-1pk

  2. Midnight releases for movies and books are always fun and epic!

  3. This is such a fun post! I remember getting my first ARC off of NetGalley, and I was so excited. =) I also remember winning my first giveaway and being surprised by all the swag that I got! It was so sweet of the person that I won it from to send me so much swag. But swag is just so exciting, isn't it? Also, your fond memories of midnight premieres make me really want to go to one! I was going to go to the Hunger Games midnight premiere, but it was a school night, so alas, I couldn't miss that. ='( But hopefully for Catching Fire!

    Fabulous post, Kapri! <3