Friday, January 29, 2010

Falling for Romeo

Falling for Romeo by Jennifer Laurens
rating 7/10

John can have any girl he wants. Jennifer's never been kissed. Everybody thinks he's perfect. She's got issues with pride and jealousy. They were best friends-once. Now, they're playing Romeo and Juliet. Virgin lips Jennifer must have her first kiss on stage with John, the guy every girl in school wants. The pressure and tension build along with each staged kiss. Both are shocked when feelings bloom. Can either tell which kisses are real and which are for show?

This was a cute and charming story. There wasn't much to it. The only real conflict in it was that Jenn and John couldn't be together. Or wouldn't be together is a more appropriate term.

The characters weren't very dense. The story was shown threw both of there perspectives, but it didn't really go much farther than that. From the beggining, John liked Jenn from the beggining, but didn't go for it for whatever reason. Pride. And Jenn was very ignorant and a little self absorbed sometimes.

This is a short novel, and the story kind of seemed short lived. I kind of wich there was more after the two got together and maybe even solved a few of the other problems that were introduced but then forgotten. Don't get me wrong, it was an enjoyable book. I would recommend you try it out, if you enjoy this kind of stuff

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  1. Thanks for the honest review. If I am in the mood for a short and li9ght romance I might check it out!