Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Please Vote!

So now that I've reached 50 followers, I want to hold a contest. Now, I'm not sure what to do, which is why I'm taking so long on actually setting up the contest. I've had a few ideas and I've been debating for at least a week now what I should do. So, to make my life a whole lot easier, I've decided that you can vote on what you'd like me to give away. So the poll is on the sidebar, and you can vote now.



  1. Congrats on reaching 50! My vote went for Gone since I'm sure many people are looking forward to reading it, including myself.

  2. Congrats girl!
    I voted for Leaving Paradise, I just ordered Pêrfect Chimestry today, which a funny coincidence ^^

  3. Yay for 50 girl! Yeah I voted for Leaving Paradise because I've really been wantin to read it. :D