Saturday, January 9, 2010


Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens
Rating 7/10

Zoe's life is a mess. Her sister, Abria, has autism and never lets anyone in the family have some peace and quiet. Her brother, Luke, is an addict who is always high. With no attention from her loved ones, Zoe forgets all of her worries through drinking and partying.

But her life changes on one faithful day when she encounters Matthias. She first thinks he is a weirdo that might be after her baby sister. But then she discovers that he is an angelic guardian, sent to watch over Abria. It is hard to believe at first, but eventually she realizes that he is the real thing.

The more time Zoe spends with Matthias, the more she is drawn to him. It is not long before she falls head over heels for him. He is too perfect and wonderful for words. He is a heaven-sent gift. Except, they can never truly be together.

One thing that I really liked about this book was the autistic part. A big part about this book was how Zoe's little sister was autistic and how she dealt with it and the effects on her. This part was really real. There were parts that were heartbreaking yet beautiful at the same time.

This rest of this book had both the goods and bads. Some parts were a little slow at times yet there was a lot of parts that moved quicker.

Even after I finished this book I'm still not sure how I feel about Zoe. I want to like but at the same time she kind of annoyed me. I found her hard to relate to, despite what she was going through. Also, I didn't really like her and Matthias' relationship. In my opinion, it moved way to fast and just wasn't that real.

I did enjoy reading this book. I absolutely loved the ending. That would probably my favorite part aobut the book(and I don't mean for that to sound like "I hated this book so much the best part was when it ended." I really did like this book). It was unexpected and perfectly set up for a sequel.

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