Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: Glimmer by Phoebe Kitanidis

Phoebe Kitanidis
Publisher: Balzar + Bray
Release Date: April 17, 2012

When Marshall King and Elyse Alton suddenly wake up tangled in each other's arms with zero memory of how they got there or even who they are, it's the start of a long journey through their separate pasts and shared future.Terrified by their amnesia, Marshall and Elyse make a pact to work together to find the answers that could restore their missing memories. As they piece together clues about their lives, they discover that they're in the idyllic mountain resort town of Summer Falls. Everyone seems happy there, but as Marshall and Elyse quickly learn, darkness lurks beneath the town's perfect facade. Not only is the town haunted by sinister ghosts, but none of its living inhabitants retain bad memories of anything—not the death of Marshall's mom, not the hidden violence in Elyse's family, not even the day-to-day anguish of being a high schooler.Lonely in this world of happy zombies, Marshall and Elyse fall into an intense relationship founded on their mutual quest for truth. But the secrets they're trying to uncover could be the death of this budding love affair—and of everyone, and everything, they love in Summer Falls.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started Glimmer. I hadn't seen much about this book of the author; but I read the summary and knew I had to read it. What I wasn't expecting was Glimmer to be so creepy, and I mean that in the best way possible.

The town of Summer Falls in Colorado is perfect. But this isn't a good perfect; it's too perfect. I loved that this book gave off a Stepford Wives perfect, creepy vibe. It's clear from the beginning—with the way that the people of the town act—that something is really off about this town.

Marshall and Elyse wake up with absolutely no memory of who they are. As they watch how everyone reacts to them and what the townspeople want out of the two, they begin to find out who they were before they woke up. And they (especially Elyse) were very different from who they are now. I grew to really like both of these characters; I loved uncovering their past (even though it wasn't always good) and watching them find out who they really are. They were both strong characters in their own way.

There were many twists and turns in Glimmer. It was a very addicting and very quick read. It kept me flipping through the pages to find out everything. I loved how unique this book was. I haven't read anything like it and I really appreciated that. 

Overall, I was very impressed with Glimmer. It was a very addicting read, filled with just the right amount of mystery, magic, romance, and creepiness. 



  1. That sounds like one really unique plot! Thx for sharing.

  2. See that's what I love, those excellent, unexpected twists, and the fact that the characters have done a total 360 in personalities since they lost their memories, that makes this book sound even more exciting!