Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: If I Die

If I Die
If I Die (Soul Screamers, #5)Rachel Vincent
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: September 27, 2011

The entire school's talking about the gorgeous new math teacher, Mr. Beck. Everyone except Kaylee Cavanaugh. After all, Kaylee's no ordinary high-school junior. She's a banshee—she screams when someone dies.

But the next scream might be for Kaylee.

Yeah—it's a shock to her, too. So to distract herself, Kaylee's going to save every girl in school. Because that hot new teacher is really an incubus who feeds on the desire of unsuspecting students. The only girls immune to his lure are Kaylee and Sabine, her boyfriend's needy ex-girlfriend. Now the unlikely allies have to get rid of Mr. Beck…before he discovers they aren't quite human, either.

But Kaylee's borrowed lifeline is nearing its end. And those who care about her will do anything to save her life.

I was  a little worried about reading this book. Thanks to my own stupid curiosity, I pretty much knew everything that happens in this book from looking at reviews and such. So I knew that depending on how everything played out, I would either love it or hate it.

As it turns out, I loved it. A lot. I think it's my favorite book in the series. Which isn't surprising because this is a series where every book gets better. 

The first half of the book was kind of eh. I think I was just so anxious to get to certain parts and see how everything played out that I just raced through the first half. So that was my fault. If I would have taken my time and quit worrying about what was going to happen I would have enjoyed it more. 

Let me tell you, Kaylee makes me feel like a total bitch. She is so selfless. Even when she is dying she is only mostly worrying about what is going to happen to other people afterwards. A part of my wanted to scream at her "you're dying! It's okay to be a little selfish now!" But then that wouldn't have been Kaylee. And that's part of what I love about her.

Other than that, I think she really grew into herself in this book. 

And what we've all been waiting for. The love triangle. I've been team Tod every since he punched Nash out in book 3. But I've never really had a problem with Nash either. Until now. Man, in this book, he really screwed up. I know he was upset but should not have done what he did. Which is, by they way, the only part that I didn't see coming. (Sorry about being cryptic, but I'm trying not to give anything away.)

And I love Tod. that's all I need to say.

If I Die is definitely a game changer for the series. It's my favorite and I cannot wait to read the next. 

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  1. I was a little nervous about this book until I read your review - - it sounds great. I love books that are so intense I race through them, but then I always end up reading them again (if I liked them) to see how much I missed :)