Friday, June 17, 2011

SIS Read-a-Thon Updates

Spring into Summer Read-a-Thon is hosted by Squeaky Books.
Update & Mini-Challenge #4
This is acutally my first update, but I'm going by which mini-challenge it really is, so not to get to confused as to which mini-challenge it is and such.

Total Books Read: 1
Total Pages Read: 480
Books Read Since Last Update: 0
Pages Read since last update: 0
Total time read: 4 hours
How I'm currently feeling: I actually got started on reading a little late. I started reading at one. So far, it's going pretty good.

It's time for the fourth update & mini-challenge! For this mini-challenge I want you to create a puzzle image for a book. For more info on this mini-challenge go here.

Here's mine:

Can you guess what book it is?


  1. Graveminder? And wow you are doing good on your readathon. I could not read 480 pages in 4 hours.

  2. Oh!!! Graveminder, lol!!

    I would have never gotten that, I could only think Grave Brain!!

    So fun!