Friday, June 15, 2012

Why I Love My Library

You guys, my library is awesome, it really is. For many reasons, which is why I'm here today: To share with you why.

First, Look at it. Isn't it cute?

So, anyway.

Reason #1
My library is awesome with getting new releases. They typically get them right on schedule and usually the only time I have to wait is if someone checked the book out before I did.

Reason #2
Even if the particular library I go to doesn't have the book I want, I just reserve it from some other library and I pick it up at my branch. If the book is checked in, it only takes a day or two to get it.

Reason #3
I can get ebooks through my library. That's right, I can not only get physical copies but I can get digital ones as well. I can get them on my computer, my Nook, even my phone. Pretty handy.

Reason #4
They promote reading. The lovely librarians are always doing some program or promotion to get people reading. I am very appreciative of this.

I know I may be obsessed, but my library is my home away from home. I go there about three times a week. I'll go to just hang out and use the internet. I actually have to force myself to buy books because I get so many from my library. I don't even buy books unless I've already read them or it's from an author or series that I know I'll love.

So, I ask you this: Do you love your library? I know some people have said that they don't hardly get new releases or that they've read through the books in their library. What about yours?

I also ask this of you. Support your local library. Even if you don't like going or checking out books (which I don't see why you wouldn't), donate books you don't like or want anymore, volunteer, or even check out a book every once in a while just for the heck of it. I used to volunteer at mine before the gift shop where I worked closed down. But I still help when I can. Just please, help your library, even in the smallest way. 


  1. Finally! Somebody else that loves their local public library! I agree with all of your reasons! They always get the new releases and just like you said you can request a book and it is there to pick up in like three days!

    I usually go there to work on my homework or to check out the new books and look around. I love my library also :)

  2. I love these kinds of posts. As an MLIS student and an assistant librarian, it always makes my heart smile to read about how much people love their libraries. Thank you for sharing!